Dribble with the ball and shoot (U11 game)


Dribble with the ball and shoot


“Keep the ball in front of you” • “Good first touch” • “Accuracy over power” • “Crisp passing” • “Move quickly in the one-two”

Set up a 20 x 15 yards area split into four 5 yard zones. At the end of the area you need a full size goal. Play with three teams of three.

For each team, put two players on the start line and one player on the line at the end of zone two.

The first player on each team dribbles the ball through the first zone then passes across the second zone to his team mate. He then runs past his team mate and receives the ball in the third zone where he has two touches to control and shoot.

No players are allowed in the final zone – the ball must be shot towards goal before players get to this zone. After shooting, the player retrieves the ball and runs back to his starting position

Head over the ball

Follow through with kicking leg

Standing leg for balance

Arms out for balance


Race the teams against each other – the first to get both players back to the start line is the winner.

How many players do I need?

I recommend using nine players for the session.

Game play

Good dribbling technique.
Good passing technique.
Try to get players completing the movement without stopping.

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