Pass to a team mate 5 and 10 yards using both feet (U11 game)


Pass to a team mate 5 and 10 yards using both feet


“Think about where to pass” • “Head and knee over the ball” • “Ankle tight!” • “One touch to control and one to pass”

Set up two adjacent 10 x 10 yards areas with a 5 yard gap between them – you can make the gap smaller if the distance of the pass is too great for some players.

The squares have attacking and defending ends. Use two groups of four, one group for each square with one player on each corner.

Players can pass side to side but the second pass must be forwards or backwards. Players can only pass diagonally from defence to attack. When playing back to defence it must be down the sides.

an attacking player passes back to the defence on the diagonal by mistake, the defence must pass the ball to the other square. Players must be aware of the diagonal pass rule and switch between squares accordingly.

Make it a rule that every five passes there must be a diagonal pass from the defence on one square to the attack on the other, so the ball is passed quickly between the two squares.

If a player makes a mistake and the ball goes out of the square, then the server plays a ball into the other square and play continues.

How many players do I need?

You need eight players and a server.

Game play

Players concentrate on accurate passing and receiving.
Make sure they are passing often between squares.
Get players to speed up once they get the hang of the session.

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