Receive, control and stop the ball (U10 game)


Receive, control and stop the ball


“Call for the ball” • “Keep your eyes on the ball” • “Use part of your body or the inside of the foot to cushion and stop the ball”

Set up a 15 x 15 yards area with two squares in the centre each measuring 2 x 2 yards. You need four working players with balls and two neutral players.

The working players dribble the balls around the area. They must play a one-two with a neutral player and then stop the ball in the square to score a point.

The neutral players must be alert to passes coming to them and make sure they pass back accurately.

If you find some of the working players are waiting for the neutral players to spot them, tell them there is no standing still so they must keep moving.

If players are finding it difficult to pass to the neutral players, you can add more of them. Taking one away makes the game harder.

How many players do I need?

You need six players – four with balls and two neutral – although you can change the numbers to make it harder or easier, as required.

Game play

Players concentrate on dribbling, accurate passing and communication.
Give players a point for every time they stop the ball in a box. The winner is the player with the most points at the end.

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