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Here at Soccer Coach Weekly we know kids, and we appreciate the challenges you, as a grassroots coach face each week when your players keep asking to play a match.

It's a key part of any coach's role to make sure their players are having a great time, are motivated and inspired to do their best. You also know that without fitness or skills training your players will find it difficult to work as a team, develop their potential and be successful.

Our age-related articles, fun soccer games and coaching advice will help you create and confidently manage a session with even the youngest of teams.

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Up and Down drill for 12 to 15 Year Olds- part 1

Up and Down

in Attacking, Fun soccer games

The Rules Play with two teams of five players, you can use a floater if you have an odd number or one team is weaker. When in attack, a goal only counts if all the attacking team, except the goalkeeper, are on or over the halfway line when the goal is scored. If a goal... MORE

Triple Whammy drill for 12 to 15 Year olds- part 1

Triple Whammy

in Attacking, Fun soccer games

The Rules Set up three service points, one on each side. Servers can be players, or you too, and are given numbers or trigger names, such as Giggs, Cole or Rooney. On your shout a server delivers the ball into the area (not directly to a player). Play 3v3v3. Players have to react quickly in... MORE

Long and Short of It drill for 12 to 15 Year Olds- part 1

Long and Short of It

in Fun soccer games, Passing

The Rules Divide your players into two teams of four. One team can score in the goals at either ends of the field, the other team in the goals at either side. The team playing lengthways can use an extra player making it a 5v4. You can play with keepers, depending on the number of... MORE

Six shooter drills for 12 to 15 Year Olds- part 1

Six Shooter

in Fun soccer games, Shooting

The Rules Split players into three teams of three. The keeper serves to the first attacking team which uses free play to get a shot through to the opposition goal as quickly as possible. After a shot or goal the keeper serves to the opposition. You coach at the side with a good supply of... MORE

Behind Enemy Lines drill for 5 to 8 year olds - part 1

Behind Enemy Lines

in Fun soccer games, Passing

Will the package get delivered behind enemy lines? It will by passing through the opposition, getting behind defenders, keeping a good defensive shape, plus good use of anticipation. MORE

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