Alex Morgan: don’t specialise too early

I’m always being asked should parents allow their kids to play other sports or is diluting their time spent on soccer detrimental to their chances of becoming a good player and winning sports scholarships?

US Women’s National Soccer Team player and scorer of five goals against Thailand in the World Cup this week, Alex Morgan recently touched on the subject of other sports played at college and high school.

She said: “The early teens are a difficult age because definitely you want your kids to grow up and do whatever they want to do; you don’t want to push them too hard in one particular sport. My parents allowed me to play volleyball and softball and basketball and soccer at one time and I loved it. I was playing all these other sports so it wasn’t too much wear on the soccer field and it wasn’t too much wear on a repetitive exercise.

“Track was more something I did for fun; volleyball I was actually pretty committed to my freshman and sophomore year and after that time, my high school volleyball was in the same season as club soccer so I had to pretty much choose one sport from then on. I chose club soccer because I was missing either high school volleyball practice or club soccer practice and I knew I needed to choose one. After sophomore year, I stuck with soccer.”

Morgan has certainly started the Women’s World Cup on a high scoring 5 goals in the USA’s 13-0 win over Thailand. Get your players to enhance their scoring skills with the sessions below to help them play like Alex Morgan.

When you watch an attacker like Alex Morgan of the US Women’s National Team you know how hard she has to work in training to be that good on match days. Use Alex Morgan: key skills to get your players scoring more goals.

Putting the ball in the back of the net is a skill you want all your players to have. Four corners is a great session for movement and combination play in the final third. Also has 1v1 against the attacker and shots on goal.

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