Second-half tactics

If there’s only a goal in it, the decisions that you take at half-time can change the game. But the tactics you employ will depend on whether you’re 1-0 up or 1-0 down.

It’s a tough call. The half-time whistle sounds and you’re leading 1-0. You need those three points. The dilemma confronting you is do you try to keep things tight and hold onto your lead, or do you press on for more goals and a convincing win. On the flipside of the coin, if you reach the interval a goal down, you urgently need to get back into the game somehow. Do you take a risk and go all out for an equaliser or do you keep faith in your current system and hope you can get back on terms?


IF YOU’RE 1-0 UP: You don’t want to give a goal away, so why not go for a counterattacking style and let opponents make the mistakes that your team can exploit. When a team is 1-0 up at half-time they need a tactic that will help them score again but has good defensive qualities so the opposition have less chance of equalising.

IF YOU’RE 1-0 DOWN: You have to be more attacking in the first 10 minutes of the second half, so move a player up front and get some balls in behind the defence to try to cancel out the goal. If you’re 1-0 down at half-time you have to be more attacking in the second half. This session will help your team adopt a more attacking mindset without overcommitting up front.

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