Pre-season training was traditionally about improving fitness. After a break players needed to be whipped into shape before they went back to playing competitive games.

Nowadays the idea of using pre-season solely to build fitness has been left behind.


In youth soccer players simply don't become "unfit". When the season ends they don't suddenly pile on weight or stop moving so there isn't the need to undo the effects of a summer of excess.

This is great news for players who previously found themselves doing hill runs or stair sprints. Now pre-season is (or should be!) all about familiarising yourself with the ball.

Of course, there's always an element of fitness but it's by no means the be-all and end-all.

Four-week Pre-Season Plan

Not sure where to start? Try our four week pre-season plan and get your players ready for their best ever season



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Your players have made it to week 4 with the first whistle of the new season not far away. But before it blows you've got one final week to get your players through so they are ready and focused for that first match of the season. MORE

PRE-SEASON | WEEK 3: Game plan

in Pre-season, Tips and advice

The basics have been taken care of with passing, possession and fitness, and there has been plenty of small-sided game-play thrown into the mix as well, but now you want to delve down into what your players are going to produce this coming season on the pitch. MORE

Pre-season prep

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Over the holiday period you want to be playing games and keeping your players aware of the techniques and tactics you will want to use during pre-season and be ready when the season starts. MORE

Team building: run player trials

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It is always at the back of your mind over the holiday period – especially when moving from different stages 7v7, 9v9, 11v11 – will I have enough players and will they all be able to cope with the different numbers. So it is good practice to plan soccer trials and work out how many players you want for next season. MORE

Academy players

6 great games for pre-season training

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Turning up for friendly games, or for the first match of the season, needs planning. Do your players know where to play or what tactics you will use? Do they know if it’s 7v7 or 9v9? You need to get your players into the swing of match play again so playing appropriate games and activities... MORE

Pre-season focus on goalkeeping

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Goalkeepers may not cover the whole pitch during a game, or sprint or dash back to cover a counter-attack, but they still need to be fit. Fitness throughout the season is imperative, so putting in the hard yards during pre-season is vital. Here are 6 ways to help your goalkeeper get back into shape for... MORE

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