Switch play to beat teams that park the bus

Struggling to create goalscoring opportunities against defensive teams? Switching play is key to the solution. The secret to opening up an impenetrable back four is switching the play and getting opposition defenders to leave their posts.

You want your team to try and catch the opposition off guard by dragging them over to one side of the pitch, and quickly change the play to the other side of the pitch to exploit the space.

Breaking down the most resilient of defences is often difficult and frustrating – but if you use my Tactics Tips on Switching Play you will give your players the ability to take control of a game. This is an advanced game for older age groups using 8 players

You can use the tactic in a game to help cement the idea in young players’ minds, one of the best games to help players to understand the concept and to get your team using it in matches is Box Switch which uses a full squad and has plenty of opportunities to switch play

The whole idea of switching play should be to find a way to goal – the game Switch To Score is great fun and gives the coach the opportunity to show where the space is in front of goal

Try my Soccer Coaching Session on Switching Play game with the younger age groups which forces teams to switch play by playing through gates with recognition of when to switch a key factor. It uses 12 players but you can adapt it to smaller squads

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