Soccer coaching tips to boost training intensity

Help your young players get the most from soccer coaching sessions by inspiring them to train and play with match-like intensity. Use the following soccer coaching tips to produce results!

Lacking in focus?

So you’ve watched your team lose. You’ve spotted what you believe to be their main weaknesses. You’ve come up with a training plan and you’ve tried it for a few weeks but things don’t seem to be improving.

Take a look at your players in practice. How would you describe their demeanour? Are they concentrating? Are they focused? Or is their performance lacklustre? Are they just going through the motions?

Expect total commitment

We all know that for practice sessions to really work we must get total commitment from our players. Some coaches, particularly those who coach younger players, like to use a rewards system to promote this commitment. If that works for you, fine.

I think a better way to address the issue is to look to inspire your players to treat every single aspect of the soccer coaching session as if it is a real match. Of course, that’s easier said than done and requires considerable communication skills on the part of the coach. But give it a go!


Gather your players round at the start of the soccer training session, perhaps while stretching. Get them to be calm and quiet and then talk them through the intensity that you want.

Ask them to visualise that match intensity, perhaps describing a recent match they played in or the most important game in your country in recent times. Inspire them!

Of course, for this to really work you need to sustain the intensity throughout the soccer coaching session. As well as maintaining that intensity of communication, you must also have planned your session meticulously (and briefed any helpers) so that there are no gaps between activities.

Avoid shouting at your players

The other point to beware of is yelling. Inspiring your team to match-like intensity doesn’t necessarily meaning hectoring them and your players will ultimately resent you for it. Anybody can yell. Yelling rarely inspires young soccer players.

So do whatever you can to make your soccer drills intense and more effective for your players and your team. If you can do that, your players will improve in leaps and bounds, and your team will win more games.

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