3v3v3 defend from the front

If forwards work together the team will win the ball back nearer the opponent’s goal and have a greater chance to score. They must get their shape before looking to pressure for the ball otherwise they will continuously have to run.

The set up

Area: 40X30 yards
Equipment: 2 goals, 1 ball

The steps

  1. The goalkeeper rolls out to the defenders who must make three passes in a 4v3 situation (3 defenders and goalkeeper) before passing to the opposite team.
  2. If a successful pass is made to the opposite team then the defending team must regroup and run into the other half to try and win the ball close to the opposite goal.
  3. If the defending team manage to win possession then the roles are reversed and they can go on the attack.

What to call out

  • “Work together”
  • “Stop the forward pass”
  • “Isolate the defender in possession”


Perfect defending key

3v3v3 defend from the front - part 1

The grey team pressures close to their opponent’s goal but are unable to win the ball back.

3v3v3 defend from the front - part 2

The defenders switch halves and try to pressure close to the goal again.

3v3v3 defend from the front - part 3

The grey team intercept the ball and can now try to score in the black team’s goal.

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