Arrival activities

Arrival activities are the perfect way to start your coaching sessions.

There are a few things that make arrival activities stand out:

  • They easily adapt to accomodate constantly changing numbers
  • Players can generally run them without coach intervention (allowing you to set up subsequent activities)
  • They stop players standing around at the start of a session or aimlessly banging balls at the goal.
  • They allow you to maximise your training time and get players focused from the first minute.

If you’ve not been using arrival activities, now’s the time to start. They’re recommended by the FA and many other coaching associations around the world.

Diamonds sharpen skills

in Arrival activities, Warm Ups

This session sharpens an array of soccer skills at the beginning of a season when players need to get their bodies back into balance and refresh their technique on the ball. This is a great session to use for sharpening awareness and coordination. MORE

Waiting for players

in Arrival activities, Fun soccer games

This session is set up so that as players arrive they can easily join in without you needing to stop or change the session. The arrival activity shown here is geared towards closing down the opposition in midfield. Set up You need balls, bibs and cones in an area 20×20 yards. Numbers build up as... MORE


in Arrival activities, Warm Ups

This arrival activity is great for any age group once players have got into the swing of passing one way and running the other. You can use any number of players and add more as they turn up for training. MORE

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