Converting transitions


This practice works on moments of attacking and defensive transition, developing recovery runs, fast movement of the ball and quick attacking decisions with the ball.


Set up an area relative to the age and ability of the players, with a goal at each end. Play 5v5 plus two goalkeepers and two neutral wide players. Play a series of 10-minute games.


Teams look to pressure opponents and regain the ball to attack. Neutral players are encouraged to use no more than two touches to increase the pace of the attack, and are allowed to join the team in possession when a counter attack is formed, as long as they were involved in the build up.

Progress with conditions:

  1. Reward scoring within 10 seconds after regaining the ball (e.g. after 1 second is 10 goals, down to 10 seconds is 1 goal);
  2. Scoring from a combination play, first-time shot or a cutback equals 3 goals;
  3. Assist from bounce players after regaining the ball equals 5 goals.


Body shape when pressing, closing gaps and covering team mates to stay compact; staying side-on in 1v1 duels; variation of passes e.g. first time pass, through balls and lofted passes; third-man runs from deep.

1. Set up with two equal teams and two neutral bounce players

2. Neutral players can join attack if they are involved in the build-up

3. Conditions can be added such as extra goals for scoring following an assist from a neutral player after regaining possession

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