Explosive in midfield

Luka Modric can drive defenders backwards, find space and exploit it. Use this fast session to teach your midfielders how to drive play in different ways, just like the World Cup Golden Ball 2018.

Why use it

Attacking play from midfield can fire a team forward and create the kind of chances in the final third that will give your players the edge.

Set up

Set up a 40×30-yard area built around your centre circle, with a goal at each end. Mark out two end zones and, if you can’t use your centre circle, mark out a third circular zone in the middle. We have used 13 players. You need bibs, balls, cones and goals.

How to play

Split players into a 6v5 plus two neutral goalkeepers. Players are locked into their zones, with the midfielders playing in the centre circle. The team of six plays 2-2-2 with two players in each zone and they attack from one end to the other. The team of five plays 1-3-1 with three players in the centre circle and this team can score in either goal.


This has plenty of action for the strikers in 2v1 situations and the midfielders must play good passes to feet and set up chances to score.

Midfield attacking

    1. The game starts and restarts with a pass from the goalkeeper to the team of six outfield players. All players are locked in their zones
    2. The ball must go through the midfield circle every time an attack is launched

Create space in midfield

    3. When the team of six scores they then go and attack the opposite goal, receiving the ball from the keeper
    4. Here the players move the ball into a shooting position but the opposition player wins possession

score from midfield

    5. When the team of five wins the ball they can immediately attack either goal but the ball must go through the centre circle first
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