Overload Attack

Use this coaching drill to encourage attackers to try something a bit different when they approach goal. When attacking the final third, there needs to be a trade off between tactics, technique, combinations and creativity. Getting players to try something different can be hard but not in this game.

Set up

Set up a 46×40-yard area split into two 18-yard end zones and a 10-yard middle zone. We used 14 players.

How to play

Use two teams of six, plus two keepers. Players on each team are numbered 1-6. One team attacks and one defends. The attacking team’s keeper plays out to attacker 1, who is supported by attacker 2 against defender 1 in a 2v1.

For the next ball players stay on the pitch but add a defender and an attacker so it is 3v2. For the following balls, make it 4v3, 5v4, 6v5 and finally 6v6. Play the six attacks and swap roles. Nominate two captains who must organise the teams. No tackling in the ‘home’ zone, only when defending the attacking zone.


Look for dribbling and positive play when 1v1, plus good combinations. The main coaching point will be technique to score goals and the ability to be creative and do the unexpected. You want good build-up play so there is no hopeful shooting.

    1. The game starts with the goalkeeper for the attacking team playing out into the defensive zone
    2. With two attackers to face, the single defender has to try to block the passing move

    3. Now the game becomes 3v2 in favour of the attackers and they combine to score
    4. The defenders must try to organise themselves so they can block or tackle in their defending area

    5. After six goes the players swap roles and the defenders attack the other end.
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