See the pass

Long passes can be a key way to open up an opposition defence or to find space on the pitch by switching play. A great way to help young players to spot longer passing options and to see beyond the first players in their line of vision.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals, in an area 35 x 25 yards wide split into three zones with outer zones 10 yards wide and the middle zone 15 yards. We used 10 players plus a server in the session.

How to play it

Split your players into two teams of four with two goalkeepers and a server. The teams play a 4v4 in the centre zone – the game starts with the server who passes to one of the teams. The players stay in the centre zone and must make three passes before they pass to one of the goalkeepers who then passes back to the same team. The idea of the game is to make three passes in the centre and then get the ball to both goalkeepers which scores a point. Teams try and keep possession and possession stays with the team who passed to the goalkeeper.


Good passing technique and possessions skills – first touch, shielding, support and movement. Goalkeepers foot skills are important.

    1. The session starts with a pass from the server to one of the teams
    2. Teams must keep possession and make three passes before they can pass to one of the goalkeepers

    3. The goalkeeper passes back to the same team who must make another three passes before passing to the goalkeeper
    4. The pass to the second goalkeeper secures a point for the team and they keep possession

    5. Each time the ball goes from one goalkeeper to the other the team in possession scores a point
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