Brazilian swerve

Brazilians are known for their ability to score with free-kicks and they train every day with or without walls or keepers. This sessions will enable your players to practise too. Teams need good free-kick takers and this session helps to sort out the best ones.

Set up

Set up a 20×10-yards area for the first phase and use a 54×65-yard area for the final phase. We’ve used four players. You need balls, bibs, poles and a full size goal.

How to play it

Start with a passing game between two pairs. The first pair exchange short passes before player 1 hits a long pass to the other pair, who run the same routine. Play for five minutes.
Next, use the penalty area of your pitch with the two pairs playing an innings like in baseball. Create a wall using mannequins, poles or cones and go in goal yourself or get a helper. Players shoot from inside the penalty area. If a player shoots and misses the target or if the keeper saves, that player is out. Each player has three ‘outs’ and then their partner takes a turn. After all four of the players are done, the first innings is complete. Play 3-6 innings.
Finish with a small-sided game where five consecutive passes are rewarded with a free kick.


This is a great game for learning the technique of bending the ball.

    1. Here the players are practising bending balls along the ground around the players in front

      2. After player 1 serves he will change roles with 2, and after player 4 serves to the far player he will change roles with 3

        3. Pairs take it in turns to shoot over the wall at the goal, trying to bend the ball into the corners

          4. The wall can be made up of cones and poles or the other pair of players

            5. Now play a 7v7 or 8v8 game in which both teams play as normal but anytime they can connect five passes in a row, they will be awarded a free-kick

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