Receiving loud and clear – Practice


This practice firstly presents an opportunity for players to practice the technique of receiving to finish without pressure. It can then be advanced to become opposed.



Set up an area with two big goals. Within the area should be another smaller area marked out. Four players and two balls can be used to start the practice.



Player A passes into the area for the diagonally opposite player, who aims to take a good first touch, allowing them to shoot on their second touch. The same player must then look to receive from Player B. The player receiving must receive with their back to the opposite goal, so they can practice receiving with an open body, on the back foot, before finishing into the opposite goal. To progress, a defender can be added.



Work on the timing of the run to receive in space, but without giving a defender an idea what your move is going to be. The receiving player should cushion the first pass so the ball is right to shoot. The angle of approach should enable the player to have the correct body shape to receive, to enable a quick and balanced shot.

1. Player A plays the ball into the area for the opposite player to touch and shoot

2. Player B passes to the same player, who should receive on the back foot to shoot into the opposite goal

3. A defender can be added for a more challenging practice

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