Staying in control – Practice


This practice works on players receiving on the half-turn, scanning, taking a positive first touch, dribbling through traffic and passing.



Use the same playing area as for the warm-up, but with an added small square marked out in the centre of the area. Players on the outside start with a ball each this time.



Players in possession on the outside pass to a player in the middle. The receiving players aim to receive on the half-turn and take their first touch into the central square. They then find another player around the outside to pass to, before looking to receive again from another outside player. Swap roles after a couple of minutes.



Can the players adopt a body shape that will enable their first touch to take them into the central square? What other turns can they think of and execute? Coaches can also add challenges for the outside players – can they receive and play off two touches? Outside players can also be encouraged to move around the square to force players to get their heads up.

1. Set up a playing area with a central square in the middle

2. Players in the middle receive a pass from the outside, aim for their first touch to take them into the central square, and play out to another outside player

3. Outside players can be encouraged to move around the perimeter of the area

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