SWITCHING PLAY – creating space

This is a fun session with players using a range of techniques for long and short passing. It improves their awareness of when and where they can turn with the ball, and helps them hunt out space in tight areas in order to switch the play.

Why use it

This session is about switching play and being aware of where space is. It factors in good receiving positions, making sure players know when and where they can turn with the ball.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and a couple of mannequins if you can get your hands on them otherwise place cones in the positions. Set up an area 25 x 15 yards and place the mannequins 3 yards apart in the centre. We used 7 players in the session.

How to play

You need players at each end, three shown here, and one player in the middle between the cones or mannequins. The ball starts at one end with the player in the centre moving to receive a wide ball then turning and passing to the other end. The first player takes the place of the middle player.The move then goes the opposite way with players moving back and forth in turn. It is a technical practice working on weight of pass, body position, movement, tempo and player awareness to check over their shoulders when receiving the ball. To develop this, construct one-twos between end men, ask players to receive and explode through mannequins and also work one-twos through mannequins.


Good passing and moving – long and short passing techniques

Create Space

    1. The ball is played in from one side of the area and the switch starts
    2. The supporting player moves from between the mannequins to receive a pass from the first player He turns and passes to the bottom with the move now set to come back in the other direction.

Create Space

    3. In the first progression a one-two is made with the passing player
    4. Now the middle player ‘explodes’ through the mannequins to complete the passing sequence.

    5. In the final progression the pass is made to the other side where one-two is made before reaching the mannequins –a long pass completes the session.
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