Take your turn

Use this session to get your players to practise turning with the ball using a skill like the outside cut

Why use it

This session is all about the repetition of using the outside cut as many times as possible and advancing the session so it is used under time pressure.

Set up

Mark out an area of 10×10 yards for the first part and then split the area into two 5-yard areas. You need four cones in the centre opposite each of the corners for the first part. We’ve used eight players. You will need bibs, ball, cones and two goals.

How to play it

Split your players into pairs with one ball per pair. Players must dribble up to the cone and execute an outside cut before they get to the cone and play the ball to their partner. Try to get players doing it correctly before they do it quickly. In the second part of the session join up the pairs so you have two teams of four. Teams race against each other to run to the cone and turn around it using an outside cut before putting the ball in the net. The winning team is the first one to get four balls in the net. The outside cut must be done correctly or players go back to the start.


Players have to concentrate on getting the outside cut right. They must work hard to complete the turn with accuracy at speed and under time pressure.

    1. In pairs players run up to the cone and execute an outside cut
    2. Once the turn has been made the player passes to his partner who does the same

    3. Now players must run the full width of the pitch and go around the cone with an outside turn
    4. Once the turn has been completed the player shoots the ball into the net

    5. As soon as the ball hits the net the next player goes – the first team to score all four balls wins
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