Vital skills – the Hook Turn

The Hook Turn is a great attacking skill. Watch the video THE HOOK TURN which will teach your players how to do it and this activity will help them use the technique.

Why use it

This is a simple session to try to get players to use the Hook Turn to find a bit of space and score a goal. It shows players the versatility of the skill because they can use it in any situation with defenders coming from different angles.

Set up

Set up a 10×10-yard area with a goal at one end and five cones placed around the area. We’ve used seven players. You need balls, cones and a goal.

How to do it

One player is the working player and one goes in goal. Number the cones from one to five and stand a defender on each cone. The working player is in the middle and the coach or a server calls out the number of a defender and passes to the player in the centre – the coach controls when he calls the defender’s number and when he passes to give the attacker more or less time to attack. The defender swaps with the attacker each time. Double the points if a player uses the Hook Turn before scoring. The winner is the player with most points.


Give players a chance to complete a Hook Turn when they are in the centre. Each player should have a couple of goes as the attacker so they can practise it.

Technique to use the hook turn

    1. The coach calls the number of a defender and plays a ball to the attacker

      2. The timing between the call for the defender and releasing the ball gives the attacker more or less time to get the ball under control

      How to use the Hook turn

        3. Here the defender has been given time to get in front of the attacker and block his way but a Hook Turn allows the attacker to score double points

          4. Once the move has been completed the attacker swaps with the defender

          Turning skill

            5. When the coach calls out the number 3 the angle is right behind the attacker so wait until the defender has nearly reached the attacker before passing the ball

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