Pressed into action – practice


This allows the Reds to work on pressing structure and pressing cues in a fun, game-like scenario.


Use the same area as previous but add in two small goals.


Reds have two players in the end zone, with three remaining in middle. They can tackle. The two Blue teams keep possession and remain in end zones. They must make at least three passes before transferring the ball, below waist height. If Reds win the ball they can score in the small goal. Swap roles after two minutes. Blues get one point for a transfer; Reds get one point for a goal.

Progression: If Blues pass through the middle of the Reds, they get three points. Blues can play the ball in the air but only from widest players and it must be a diagonal pass.


Pressing – body shape; reduce the size of pitch; compactness; setting traps; communication between defensive lines; cover shadow. Depending on philosophy, encourage Reds to show inside or outside. Identify pressing cues e.g. ball is played from outside Blue to middle Blue; player receives on non-preferred foot; player has a poor first touch. Encourage distance between middle 3 and front 2 to remain compact and not allow Blues to pass through.

1. Blues aim to switch play after at least three passes

2. Two Reds can press and if they win possession, can score in the mini goals

3. Blues get additional points by passing between Reds

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