Fitness soccer drill to boost balancing skills

This is a very good fitness drill to use with your young soccer players, and it will have them all laughing as they try to balance and fall over until they get the hang of it and can do it properly.

Why is balancing useful?

Balance is important in soccer, especially when players are using skills in matches, and for soccer moves such as volleying and heading the ball.

The balance-reach soccer drill

This soccer drill improves balance, increases leg strength and, if performed in bare feet, develops ankle and foot muscles.

  • Place three cones (or similar) in a triangle close enough so your players can touch each one when crouching down. The players balance on one leg facing the front (middle) cone in the triangle.
  • They should keep the knee and toes of the supporting leg facing the front cone throughout.
  • The player reaches out with their hand and touches the front cone, then returns to the start position, before repeating with the left and right cones.
  • That is one repetition.
  • Start by doing three repetitions with each leg in a session. Gradually build up the amount of work players do in the drill as they improve.


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