The Rules

Inside the area 10 players have a ball while the two remaining players are the evil ghosts.

The players must dribble their ball around the area – they can move in any direction as long as they stay within the area – trying to stay away from the ghosts.

The ghosts attempt to tag the dribbling players. Once a player has been tagged they freeze and stand with their feet apart holding their ball above their head.

See how many players the ghosts can freeze in 1 minute. The quickest time to tag all players, or the most tagged when the time runs out, wins.

After each game nominate two new ghosts and restart with all players back in the game.

Main Objectives

Dribbling, close control, turning away from defenders.

Set Up

Area: 30×30 yard square
Players: 12
Equipment: 10 balls

Ghostbusters soccer drill for 5-8 year olds - part 1

The players dribble around avoiding the ghosts.


Ghostbusters soccer drill for 5-8 year olds - part 2

Players freeze when tagged by a ghost.


Ghostbusters soccer drill for 5-8 year olds - part 3

How many players can the ghosts freeze?

What To Call Out

“Head up”
“Freeze if you’ve been tagged”


Allow free players to unfreeze tagged players with a nutmeg – playing the ball between their legs – which means the ghosts have to work harder to tag everyone. In order to be unfrozen players must shout out “I need a ghostbuster”.

Make it even harder by getting players to crawl through a frozen players legs after they have played the nutmeg


Times and results should be told to players as you go as an incentive to be the quickest, most evil ghosts.

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