Coaching these soccer shooting drills will enhance your players’ ability to beat the goalkeeper from many different positions. Shooting is a core soccer skill for EVERY player and we have some great ways to coach it. We look at shooting from dead ball situations, shooting while running, shooting first time, drive shots and how to make the ball bend, curl and dip. We have great soccer shooting drills and games to help you coach the skills to all your players.

How to coach shooting across goal- part 1

Shooting across the goal

in Practice plans, Shooting

This session will encourage your players to play the percentage game. Shooting across the goal enables the team two chances to score – either directly from the shot or from any rebounds that follow. MORE

Engine room passing

in Midfield, Shooting

When midfielders win the ball they need to make good passes quickly in order to take advantage of any space on the pitch. In this session the quick pass sets up a scoring chance. MORE

How to coach stiker accuracy drills- part 1

The killer instinct

in Practice plans, Shooting

Remaining composed when faced with just the keeper to beat is vital for a striker. This session will show you how to teach your hitmen how to hit the target and win matches. MORE

How to coach centre forward movement- part 1

The finishing square

in Practice plans, Shooting

The practices in this session are designed to improve the movement of the centre forward when receiving the ball and the awareness of midfielders to make an accurate forward pass and then support this pass with a forward run. MORE

How to coach instant shooting - part 1

The instant shot

in Practice plans, Shooting

Striking the ball first time at goal requires good service, timing and technique. With benefits including reducing the amount of time keepers have to prepare themselves, it’s worth giving it a shot. MORE

Pace setters

in Attacking, Shooting

Ideal for grassroots teams to push opponents back and score against them. It helps teams break at speed quickly getting to the heart of the opposition defence MORE

Make scoring easier

Shrinking goal

in Fun soccer games, Shooting

This is a great game since it provides a natural handicap that makes even the most unequal of teams (in terms of player skill) equal. So let your players choose their own teams, if necessary, and enjoy the game’s effect! MORE

How to coach a diagonal run and shot - part 1

Diagonal run and shot

in Practice plans, Shooting

Even the best defences will be breached if your forwards make diagonal runs from wide and receive a well-timed through pass. This shooting drill will help your players perfect their timing when making diagonal runs and getting a shot at goal. MORE

How to coach shooting on sight - part 1

Shoot on sight

in Practice plans, Shooting

A snap shot at goal can be the difference between two teams on match day. When the chance to shoot arises, your players need to take advantage of the opportunity. MORE

How to coach goal poaching drills- part 1

The goal poacher

in Practice plans, Shooting

This week’s session is designed to improve your players’ ability to score goals inside the penalty area. The term “goal poacher” describes a player who is desperate to score goals and is constantly looking to get a toe, foot or head on the ball to do so. MORE

1v1 striker

Return to play: Lone striker

in Return to play, Shooting

Use this session to teach your strikers to attack with strength and presence – to be a strong forward who strikes fear into the heart of defenders. This simple session puts the focus on passing and moving to get into a good position to hit the target. MORE

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