Coaching these soccer shooting drills will enhance your players’ ability to beat the goalkeeper from many different positions. Shooting is a core soccer skill for EVERY player and we have some great ways to coach it. We look at shooting from dead ball situations, shooting while running, shooting first time, drive shots and how to make the ball bend, curl and dip. We have great soccer shooting drills and games to help you coach the skills to all your players.

Shoot on sight

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Shooting chances may only be there for a split second and young players miss the opportunity while moving the ball from one foot to the other or by passing when a shot would be the best option. MORE

How to coach second ball tactics- part 1

Second ball steal

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Forwards must always be “alive” and ready to react should a defender fail to clear the ball, miss-control, play a poor pass or not react to a rebound off the goalkeeper. Use this session to keep your forwards alert and they will steal goals for your team. MORE

5 ways to shoot at goal

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These are five of my go to sessions when I want to coach shooting or to give my players a good workout using both feet to put the ball in the net... it's also the thing they love to do at training better than anything. MORE

Sharp shooter

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This session combines key attacking elements of passing, shooting and crossing. It moves quickly and positively and ensures players use both feet. Having players who can link up instinctively in the final third is a great advantage at any level, and this practice will get them thinking on their feet. MORE

Net busters

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How many times do you see great moves that demand a goal but end up going lamely out of play because no one finished off the move? How frustrating is that!  A lot of effort on the training ground and by the players on match days goes into building an attack that creates a goal scoring chance... that is why it must be finished off. MORE

Dribble and shoot

Shoot from outside the box

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This session improves shooting technique and gives players confidence to shoot from outside the penalty area. It helps players to see an opportunity and take it with a shot from long range. Some players will be able to do it straight away but others will take time – put accuracy over power when they first try. MORE

How to coach shooting across goal- part 1

Shooting across the goal

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This session will encourage your players to play the percentage game. Shooting across the goal enables the team two chances to score – either directly from the shot or from any rebounds that follow. MORE

Engine room passing

in Midfield, Shooting

When midfielders win the ball they need to make good passes quickly in order to take advantage of any space on the pitch. In this session the quick pass sets up a scoring chance. MORE

How to coach stiker accuracy drills- part 1

The killer instinct

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Remaining composed when faced with just the keeper to beat is vital for a striker. This session will show you how to teach your hitmen how to hit the target and win matches. MORE

How to coach centre forward movement- part 1

The finishing square

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The practices in this session are designed to improve the movement of the centre forward when receiving the ball and the awareness of midfielders to make an accurate forward pass and then support this pass with a forward run. MORE

How to coach instant shooting - part 1

The instant shot

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Striking the ball first time at goal requires good service, timing and technique. With benefits including reducing the amount of time keepers have to prepare themselves, it’s worth giving it a shot. MORE

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