Finishing in the area

The session is about is all about the movement from the two forwards to free themselves and receive passes in front of one of the goals. Shooting technique will be very important.

Why use it

Shooting first time is a very important attribute for a striker or any player in the team to have.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and four small goals. Set up an area 35 x 25 yards with a central area 15 x 15 yards with a small goal on each edge of the square. We used 12 players.

How to do it

Split your players into two equal teams – here it is 6v6. You need 2 players from each team in the centre square who must shoot first time when the ball is passed to them. Four players from each team battle in the large square to win the ball and pass into the central square. If the striker cannot finish first time he can play to the other striker or pass out to a player on the outside to retain possession of the ball. You need to coach support play between squares.


Body shape is important in both squares to move the ball into positions to score.

Finish first time

    1. Teams move the ball around the outer square battling to get the ball into their strikers in the centre
    2. The strikers must try and shoot first time into one of the four goals around the square
    3. If the strikers cannot shoot first time they can pass the ball to the other striker or pass out to their team mates in the 4v4 battle

    4. Movement with and without the ball is key to being able to create space for passing into the central square

5. Look for players remaining composed when they get chance to shoot. Switch the strikers around so everyone gets a go

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