A 7v7 game to help your team counter attack at speed

If you want a small sided game to teach your players how to counter attack with speed and precision, set them to work on this exciting soccer drill.

Why use it

It can be frustrating when your players fail to capitalise on their counter attacking opportunities. This session is to get players used to taking on outnumbered defenders with swift movements that end in a goal.


Set up a playing area of 40×20 yards split in half. For this small sided counter attack game we’re using three teams of four and each scenario is 2v1. You will need five balls on the halfway line for each pair of attackers, plus balls, bibs, cones and goals.

Small-sided game for counter attacking

How to play

One team are the attackers and two players from that team go in each half and must attack with the five balls. Two teams of defenders are allocated a half each and stand on the sidelines. On your whistle the pairs of attackers must try to score with each ball. A different defender enters once the ball has been collected. If players are going slowly, add a 90-second time limit and then rotate the teams.


Playing against an overload in a small sided game means a defender must position smartly and communicate well with his keeper. Attackers must construct fast forward breaks – the quicker they return to the halfway line, the more chance they’ll find a passage to goal before the new defender is in position.

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