This training session is a good workout for forwards pressing and forcing mistakes high up the pitch. It also helps to develop link play in the final third. This is a great game to get your players working hard to win the ball and linking up to score goals.

Set up

Create an area of 30×20 yards with two goals at each end (you can create goals with corner flags or cones if you don’t have enough). We used 13 players. You need balls, bibs, cones and four target goals.

How to play it

Split your players into two teams, one of six players and one of seven players. The team of seven has three players in the playing area and one player next to each goal. The team of six all go in the playing area and have to make five passes to score a point. The other team must press and win the ball, then bounce a pass off one of their team-mates beside the goal before putting the ball in the net.


The attackers need good pressing skills to force a mistake and win the ball. From there they must pick out a good pass to a ‘bounce player’ and then get in position to receive the ball back and control it to score in the net.

    1. The team of six start with the ball and must try to make five passes to score a point
    2. The team of seven have three players pressing the passing team and must try to win the ball

    3. Here the pressing attacker wins the ball and passes it to a team-mate
    4. To score a goal the ball must be passed to a player beside the goal, who bounces it back and the ball must be put in the goal

    5.Here the attacking team has the ball but when playing the one-two with the bounce player the attacker’s route to goal is blocked so he has to turn and shoot at a goal on the other side
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