Handball midfield

This session encourages players to be aware at all times of where they are on the pitch and concentrate on getting the ball through to the shaded areas where they can shoot at goal

Why use it

Awareness and concentration is vital to any team on match day – get it right and you’ll be on the winning team… get it wrong and you’ll find players in the wrong place when you need to attack

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals. Set up an area 40 x 25 yards with 10 x 10 yard areas at each end. We used 12 players plus 2 goalkeepers in the session

How to play

Play 6v6 in the central area with a goalkeeper in each goal. There are two shaded areas where normal rules are applied. Outside these areas in the middle bit the players must use only their hands.


This is a fun session with good first touch good shooting and good movement essential.

Final Third tactics

    1. Play a 6v6 in the centre with a goalkeeper in each goal
    2. The shaded areas are the only place normal game rules apply
    3. In the central areas players must use their hands to pass the ball

Create in the final third

    4. Look for good first touch and players moving to get into position to receive the ball in the box
    5. Look for players using good hand passes to players who have got into the shaded areas
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