Score one touch

An end-to-end game that will help your players to develop a goal poacher’s instincts by limiting strikers to just one touch in the final third of the pitch

Why use it

To score, players need to have the correct techniques and the ability to use all parts of either foot. This session will have your players practising a variety of shooting techniques.

Set up

Set up an area of 30 x 35 yards split into three 10-yard zones: Attack, midfield and defence. Play 5v5 including keepers. You need balls, bibs, cones and goals.

How to do it

Play a small-sided game. Players have limited touches in different thirds: They are allowed three touches in the defensive third, two touches in the middle third and just one touch in the attacking third. Players can only score from the attacking third. The first team to score five goals wins.


Look for players to use a variety of techniques to strike the ball.
• For power, use the instep (the laces) with the toes down and the ankle locked.
• To side foot the ball, strike its horizontal mid-line.
• To chip, ‘stab’ underneath the ball with the toes.
• To swerve it, use either the outside or the inside of the boot.

Score first touch

    1. In the midfield area players have two touches – to control and to play the ball into the attackers
    2. The attacker only has one touch so it must be a first-time shot

Hit it first time

    3. Tell players you want to see them using as many different parts of the foot as possible when they get the chance to shoot
    4. Here the defender uses up two touches getting past the attacker and uses his third touch to set up an attack

Quick goals

    5. Because it is one-touch, attackers must be alert for rebounds and ready to put the loose ball in the net

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