Wingers game


The wingers game shows the advantage of having width in your team’s play. The game is played for two halves with each team being given the wingers for one half and benefiting from being able to pass wide and get crosses into the opponent’s box.

Set up

  • Pitch 40yds x 30yds including two 5yd side channels

See complete set up here

What you get your players to do

Two wingers go into the wide channels inside the opponent’s half.

Each team attacks and defends a goal.

The team which has the wide advantage (blue) should pass wide to the wingers and then makes a run into the box to score from the cross.

The opposing team (red) does not have access to the wingers and has to build up play through the centre of the pitch.


  • The game is played for two halves of five minutes
  • Wingers are limited to two touches and cannot leave the wide channel
  • Defenders are not allowed to enter the wide channel
  • The wingers change teams at half time


The winger who has not received the pass is allowed to run into the box and support the attacking team to score from the other winger’s cross.


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Wingers game - part 1

The blue team has the advantage of the wingers in the first half.

Wingers game - part 2

In possession they can use the wingers by passing wide…

Wingers game - part 3

…then getting into the box to score from the cross.

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