These soccer tackling drills will show you the best methods of coaching your players to win back the ball. After all, you can’t score goals if you don’t have the ball. Tackling is a core soccer skill and the slide tackle, block tackle and poke tackle are all here. We look at the techniques involved to make sure your players tackle legally and safely. We also have games and drills to help you coach tackling more effectively.

Press Gang like Real Madrid

Press Gang the opposition like Real Madrid

Real Madrid win the ball back quickly. They don’t wait for opponents to make a mistake, they force mistakes so they can regain possession. With this session your team will too. WHY USE IT This session is all about pressing play and winning the ball, and if your team has the ball, the opposition cannot […]

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How to coach the block tackle

Tackling is a basic soccer skill that every player – not just defenders – should be able to execute correctly, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous. Use the following soccer coaching tips and drill to help your players get to grips with it.There are three reasons why you should coach players the correct tackling techniques […]

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How to coach the slide tackle

There are several ways of coaching players to win back the ball or stop the opposition, but we’ve focused on two of the most common. Previously we looked at soccer drills to coach the block tackle, this time it’s the turn of the slide tackle. As we said in How to coach the block tackle, […]

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Soccer tips and drill for evasion and faking

Once your players have mastered basic dribbling skills, use these soccer coaching tips and drill to teach them to evade tackles and use fake moves to open up defences.How to move with the ball Before your players can take on defenders, they must learn the proper mechanics of dribbling. Dribbling can be done with the […]

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Tackle techniques to wrong foot opponent

Quick-footed attackers look great when they run at defenders and leave them tackling thin air. You can coach your players how to do this and give them the confidence to go on match-winning runs. A joy to watch Watching a player run at and beat the opposition is great for coaches. I, like you, want […]

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No Through Road

A simple and continuous game aimed at improving your players in 1v1 situations and developing their all-round tackling abilities Why use it In the modern game it is crucial that players can defend 1v1 against a range of opponents. Matches at all levels are made up of a series of 1v1 situations so it is […]

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Winning the 1v1s

Watch any level of football and you will notice players who can win 1v1s find themselves in good positions to create problems for the opposition. This gives a big advantage to your team and means that more goalscoring chances will be created. You could say: Win the 1v1s and you’re on your way to winning […]

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Tackling drills

Here is a selection of tackling drills and a game to help your soccer team when out of possession. Click on the headings for in-depth instructions on how to implement the tackling drills. 1. Block tackle This tackling drill emphasises the importance of getting in range before making a challenge. A poorly executed tackle can […]

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Timing tips for tackling skills

Timing is everything when it comes to tackling but commitment is also crucial. Ask your defenders to focus on these two elements when you're coaching tackling skills. Soccer coaching tips for tackling skills Learning to tackle is like learning to swim. Some players take to it naturally. Some players need their confidence building up to […]

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Soccer Game For Improving Tackle Techniques

This small-sided soccer game makes the most of 1v1 situations and being able to make and evade tackles. The soccer (football) players in this game need to have good all-round soccer skills so their team doesn’t lose a life. More than anything, this drill will improve your players’ soccer techniques for tackling. Find a lot […]

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