Player acceleration soccer drill

Developing a player’s co-ordination and acceleration skills is important because these soccer skills give them a way to move away from danger without losing the ball. Think of it like a car where you can put your foot on the gas to give quick acceleration so you can overtake safely.
These two line soccer drills are designed to help your players make a fluid transition from co-ordination to acceleration.

line drills to boost players acceleration and coordination skills

1. The line drill

You need to use a pole and cone for this soccer drill. Lie the pole on the ground and put the cone down 10 yards away.

Use the pole to perform a number of activities over it, then accelerate to the cone.

  • Six side-to-side jumps.
  • Side-to-side jumps forwards along the length of the pole.
  • Side-to-side jumps backwards along pole length.
  • Six forwards and backwards jumps.
  • Three forwards and backwards jumps along the pole length to the left.
  • Three forwards and backwards jumps along the pole length to the right.

2. The X line drill

Place two poles on the ground to form an X with a cone 10 yards away.

Use the X to make the players jump forwards, backwards and laterally in a variety of combinations before accelerating to the cone.

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