Practice plans

Covering the principles of defence and the principles of attack our practice plans give you the essential ingredients to develop your players and your team to be the best they can be.

Each plan provides the blueprint for an entire session that you can run with your team – a quick read and you’ve got a ready made session for training. Perfect for when you’re running late for training and don’t have time to hunt around for new ideas.

How to coach defending game drills- part 2

Defending games

in Defending, Practice plans

In November 2008 we looked at defending individually and in 2s and 3s. This session pulls all of the techniques into a single session where defenders face an increasing number of attackers with each ball. MORE

How to coach fun defending practices - part 1

Fun defending practises

in Defending, Practice plans

This session introduces your young players to the principles of defending by disguising the theme of the practice through the competitive nature of fun team games. Giving them a proper structure and the correct tactical approach will make their role as a defender much more rewarding and will save your team lots of goals. MORE

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