Join host Dave Clarke as he looks at the lastest developments in soccer coaching in conversation with leading grassroots and professional coaches.

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Exploring the principles of play

in Podcasts

Dave Clarke spoke to Peter Prickett about what lies behind his 3v3 philosophy and how coaches can use that when they are working with their players. Peter has just published his latest book called Football's Principles of Play and he explains what he sees as the main principles of play, how they have changed alternative principles and games to bring them out. MORE

Coaching in a school environment

in Podcasts

Dave Clarke spoke to Natalie Wood, director of sport at St John's College in Cardiff, about her job during lockdown, what effects this has on the children, working online and how with all the different sports schools cope with coaching. Natalie also points out the importance of mental health especially as the world comes out of lockdown. MORE

Coaching individuals in a team game

in Podcasts

Dave clarke asked Alf Galustian this question: "Bayern Munich has removed U9 and U10 teams and their academy will now start at U11. Is this a model other professional clubs should follow?" Find out what he thinks. Also session planning, what are the most important things to consider? We also discuss the current Covid restrictions and how we can help players to practice at home. MORE

A career in coaching

in Podcasts

In this podcast Dave Clarke talks to Keith Boanas about dealing with coaching in the lockdown including keeping fit, the learning curve for coaches as well as players, sessions he has had published in Soccer Coach Weekly and Elite Soccer, his role with the Palace for Life Foundation, what skills a coach should be looking to learn from coach education and life as a published author. MORE

A different kind of coach education

in Email newsletters, Podcasts

I launched my podcast this time last year, totally oblivious to the problems that were developing in the world. But as ever there is no difference to how I feel about coaching and once again by the time it gets to New Year's Day I find I'm itching to get back out on the pitch! So I read books, listen to some podcasts and generally boost my coaching knowledge sitting in the house. MORE

Life lessons and soccer tactics

in Podcasts

In this podcast Dave Clarke talks to Billy Gazonas about his book that chronicles his time in college soccer with tales from Bruce Springsteen to Franz Beckenbauer and includes some valuable advice for coaches on teaching technique to players and using tactics to win games.  Most of all Billy highlights what players can do to improve their game working alone and the dedication it takes to become a champion. MORE

Looking beyond winning

in Podcasts, Tips and advice

In this podcast Dave Clarke talks to Chris Panayiotou the Director of Coaching for Virginia Rush senior boys about looking beyond winning with an emphasis on educating players and parents in the philosophy he has for Virginia Rush MORE

PODCAST Getting kids on your side

in Podcasts

In this podcast Dave Clarke talks to Bill Stara about educating coaches to get the best out of them and out of the kids they coach. He says: "Once kids understand you're primarily there for them to be successful they'll give you the world." MORE

PODCAST Developing play in the attacking third

in Attacking, Podcasts

In this podcast Dave Clarke talks to Tony Mee about his session in Elite Soccer aimed at developing play in the attacking third, one that coaches players to finish from balls crossed into the penalty area. Tony explains the coaching points, what to say to players and talks about good coaching practice MORE

PODCAST Meeting your coaching expectations

in Podcasts

In this podcast Dave Clarke talks to Rick Meana about his coaching education programme that covers philosophy, methodology and how the youth players are educated with fun, a sense of belonging, development and the best way to discipline out of line players: MORE

Futsal: why play it?

in Ball Control and Footwork, Podcasts

In this podcast Dave Clarke talks to Steve Scott about the benefits of playing Futsal, tactics and techniques used, the individual skills used and the coaching challenges he faces with the USAFF C15 boys national team as he gets the squad ready for the World Cup in Paraguay later this year MORE

Coaching the goalkeeper

in Goalkeeping, Podcasts

Steven Drinkell is a goalkeeper coach at the Westminister School in Atlanta, Georgia and an assistant Varsity Coach. Soccer Coach Weekly head coach Dave Clarke spoke with Steve to gain an insight into the secrets of coaching what is probably the most difficult position in the team. MORE

Get parents onside

in Podcasts, Tips and advice

Gordon Maclelland is the CEO of Working with Parents in Sport which supports organisations, parents and coaches in working together to provide children with the best possible sporting experiences. MORE

Educating the coach

in Podcasts

Ian Barker is the director of coaching education at United soccer coaches which is a member of US soccer and is the biggest membership organisation of soccer coaches in the world. He has been inspiring players and coach educators since he arrived in the USA in 1987. In this podcast Ian talks about coach education and the high standards USA coaches are striving for. MORE

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