Soccer tactics range from the way a player stands or moves, to the pace, style, positioning and movement of the entire team.

How those concepts are conveyed is a language of its own, which can be baffling to a new coach and even to some experienced ones.

The drills, games and activities in this section will help you build a team that can adapt to different playing styles.

You can use these sessions and advice to coach tactics to your players. How do you train them to cope with a team that presses high up the pitch? Or one that sits deep and invites pressure?

Tactics are a great way to create team togetherness and promote communication in all areas of the pitch

Tottenham stopper Hugo Lloris

How goalkeepers can exploit a high press

in Blog, Tactics

It was a weekend without a game so I had plenty of spare time to sit and watch how the professionals do it! One thing that I was working on this week with my players has been the distribution from the goalkeeper. MORE

Break out from the square

Breakout and score

in Attacking, Tactics

Use this Fulham Academy session if you want your team to burst forward with speed and accuracy to create goalscoring opportunities from midfield and stretch your opponents to create holes in their defences MORE

Closing down

Closing Down Opponents

in Defending, Midfield, Tactics

Central defenders and supporting players have a vital role in stopping the opposition’s build up play. Players will work on the defending angle of approach to try and force the attacker away MORE

3v2 counter attacking

in Attacking, Tactics

This is a great way to get young players to understand the concept of counter attacking – it can be used against any opponents and should be part of your attacking tactical bible. MORE

Creativity in the final third

Try something different in the final third

in Attacking, Tactics

This session is great for encouraging players to be creative in the final third which is one of the hardest things to achieve in your coaching sessions. Creativity stems from players being confident to try something even if they fail at it MORE

Stop clever attackers

How to stop clever attackers

in Defending, Tactics

Use this session to help defenders to decide whether to hold up play or win the ball when outnumbered, often the attacker will have their head down looking at the ball – the defender can hold a goalside position so the attacker has to look up which is the best time to force a mistake MORE

Compact Midfield

Compact your team in midfield

in Midfield, Tactics

This session places an emphasis on midfield units staying compact and being hard to penetrate when out of possession. It identifies specific defensive roles for midfield players making them more compact and difficult to penentrate MORE

Control Midfield

Control the game in midfield

in Midfield, Tactics

One thing that will help you control the pace of games and give you a winning edge is to have an effective midfield. This useful session will help your players learn how to pass the ball through midfield on the move MORE

Hold the line

Hold the Line

in Tactics

Hold the line is a call to ensure that defenders stay together on the same line and hold their position on the field. MORE

Low press

Low Press

in Tactics

Low press describes a defensive tactic in which a team sits back and allows the opposition to attack, with the aim of winning the ball and making a counter attack. MORE



in Other, Tactics

Dummy describes the deception employed when a player lets the ball run past him or through his legs to a team mate. MORE



in Other, Tactics

A one-two is a passing movement used by two players in order to go beyond or between defenders. MORE

Drop off

Drop Off

in Other, Tactics

Drop off is a delaying tactic used when a team is defending against a fast attack, or a counter attack. MORE

Force inside

Force Inside

in Other, Tactics

Force inside is a defensive tactic. The nearest defender to the ball goes to pressure the opponent and block forward momentum. MORE

Force outside

Force Outside

in Other, Tactics

When forcing outside, the defending team gets compact to stop the opponents passing in the centre of the pitch. MORE

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