Attack and defence skills soccer drill

The great thing about running 1v1 soccer (football) drills is that you can coach attacking and defending skills at the same time. In this soccer coaching session, the attacker must shield the ball and show a change of pace.

Key soccer coaching tip

You can tell your soccer (football) players you want to see a stop turn or a change of direction to fool the defender just before they enter the shaded area.

The defender, meanwhile, must use jockeying or blocking skills to hold up the attacker but cannot tackle until they get into the shaded area. The attacker is calling all the shots but the defender must try and steal the initiative.

Soccer drill coaching session to get attacker shielding the ball

How to set up the soccer drill

  • Mark out an area 40 yards x 20 yards – you can make it smaller for younger players.
  • In one of the corners, mark out a 10 yards square with a small, coned goal in it.

Run the soccer drill

  • In this soccer drill the ball is passed so the attacker can run onto it.
  • The attacker must take full control of the ball at this point. The defender starts his run as soon as the pass is made and his first action is to hold up the attacker. The attacker should change his pace to fool the defender.
  • The defender cannot tackle until they get into the marked-off zone.
  • Once they get into the marked-off zone, the attacker must try to lose the defender with a turn – for instance, a stop turn, then try to put the ball between the two cones.
  • The defender must stick close to the attacker and try to get a tackle in to win the ball.

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