Dealing with high balls

in Goalkeeping, Soccer drills and skills

This session works on improving a keeper’s ability to deal with a high ball over their head. This can happen when caught off their line or if a cross catches on the wind. It will also test general footwork and handling. What players should think about Fast feet – short steps will enable the goalkeeper... MORE

Get your soccer players to work their goalkeeper

in Goalkeeping, Soccer drills and skills

Never begrudge spending a whole practice session on goalkeeper skills. It’s an area that many coaches overlook because they feel the rest of the team aren’t involved. However, outfield players can still be active, as well as understanding better what it’s like to be the man between the posts. The “ready” position This is the... MORE

Goalkeeper warm-up drills

in Goalkeeping, Warm Ups

DRILL ONE One passes, one throws By Michael Beale This is a simple warm-up for your goalkeeper, to get him alert and ready for the match ahead. Get a player and your goalkeeper to move away from the rest of the team warming up and play this between them. The outfield player must pass to... MORE

Long throw tips for soccer goalkeepers

in Goalkeeping, Tips and advice

Goalkeepers like nothing better than having the ball in their hands, running to the edge of their area, then blasting it into the sky. But throw-outs can be better, not to mention more valuable, because the ability to throw the ball quickly and accurately is becoming an increasingly important skill for goalkeepers in the modern... MORE

Soccer coaching session for goalkeeping skills

in Goalkeeping, Soccer drills and skills

Goalkeeping is not simply about making eye-catching dives to the top corner of the goal. This session will help improve your goalkeepers’ distribution, catching from crosses and shot stopping – and your outfield players will benefit in dribbling, crossing and shooting techniques. This session is about: Improving distribution when throwing or passing out with your... MORE

Goalkeeper drills

in Goalkeeping, Soccer drills and skills

Here are 10 goalkeeper drills that will help improve your team in both defence and attack. Click on the headings for in-depth instructions on how to implement these 10 goalkeeper drills. 1. Diving basics If a goalkeeper is getting hurt when making diving saves, he will be less inclined to get in the way of... MORE

Soccer drill to make the most of a goalies...

in Goalkeeping, Soccer drills and skills

Successful distribution from the goalkeeper is a hallmark of a good side. Use this soccer drill to get players building from the back rather than launching the ball up field, hoping for the best. Goalkeepers are key to passing Statistically, one form of passing is surprisingly high in terms of overall success – passing by... MORE

Soccer coaching tips to keep your goalie active

in Goalkeeping, Tips and advice

Playing in goal can be a tough experience for young football players because they sometimes stand around for ages, let a goal in and become dejected. One soccer coaching tactic to help you improve this situation is to keep your goalkeeper as active as possible during matches. Keeping the goalie active includes encouraging them to... MORE

Goal kick soccer drills

in Goalkeeping, Soccer drills and skills

Making the most of goal-kicks is not easy, you often find the ball going straight back to the opposition because the kicker has just kicked it as hard as he can. Use these goal kick tactics to help your players. Take the pressure out of goal-kicks I’m always thinking up new ways to get the... MORE

Soccer coaching tips to keep your goalie alert

in Goalkeeping, Tips and advice

Your goalie is the one player who can save the team when all else fails, so it’s worth ensuring his skills are noticed and he receives due praise for every save he makes. But it’s also important that he’s always on the alert. Use the following soccer coaching tips to encourage this. What to tell... MORE

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