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Although seen by many as a modern approach, small-sided games have been used since the 1960s as the best way to coach key skills and tactics to your players. The games in this section will help you, your players and your team to be better. We also show you some of our favourite small sided games and explain how they work with clear illustrations and simple rules.

steal the ball part1

Steal The Ball

Here’s a great game that improves ball control, as well as practising communication, shielding the ball and supporting play. Players need to be alert and listen out for their number to be called by the coach – will they remember it! How to play it Create two 20×10-yard boxes with a two-yard space in between. Split your players […]

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I need a doctor small sided game

“I Need A Doctor!” small sided game

I Need a Doctor! is a fun small sided game. It improves players’ co-ordination, dribbling skills and ability to make decisions. Set-up: To play the small sided game, create a 20-yard square with two 4×4 “hospitals” marked within the square with flat cones. Divide your players into two teams. Every player has a ball. How to […]

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6v6 to hone creativity

6v6 to improve midfield creativity

Help your players to hone their creativity with this game of possession versus attack. Players must keep the ball or take quick advantage of gaining possession with clever attacks. Why use it This drill is aimed at getting midfielders to use creativity in the final third of the pitch in order to make and take scoring […]

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Get players’ heads up

In this small-sided game, you need to get your players to make decisions which means getting their heads up to see what options they have. They have the chance to score in two goals at one end of the playing area, so they have to switch play quickly to catch the opposition off guard. Use […]

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One touch finish small sided soccer game

In soccer training drill sessions, players are more willing to try shooting from every angle possible. You need to build this confidence into your team, so they shoot when they see the opportunity on match day, too. This small-sided soccer coaching game is great for that. Try it and see for yourself. How often do […]

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