Tug of war soccer drill to build teamwork

Playing games can help you coach your players to understand how tactics and team work can make you into a better team. This soccer drill version of the traditional tug-of-war game uses four teams and means simple strength will not be enough to win.

In multi-way tug-of-war, four teams each have a rope connected to a centre ring or knot. The teams try to pull the centre ring over their finish line. This can rarely be achieved by strength alone, since teams can swivel to co-operate with or compete against each other, and switch allegiances and directions.

multi way tug of war game to build team work skills


  • Divide your players into four groups. Try to make sure the groups are of similar strength.
  • On your command, “TAKE THE STRAIN” each team takes up the slack on their rope only. Make sure the centre ring is stable and centered. This drill needs strong leadership because teams are always keen to add extra strain!
  • On your next command, “GO” the players compete.
  • Play the football drill over several rounds, continuing, say, until one team earns three victories and becomes the winner.
  • Allow your players plenty of time to recover physically and debrief or plan ahead after each football drill session.
  • You might consider having a feedback session after the drill, or even after each round, so your players can discuss (and learn) some of the secrets to success, and how these lessons might apply to soccer.

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